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LEV Testing

If an extraction system is installed specifically to remove a potentially hazardous substance at its source, then this will be classified as a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system and under the COSHH Regulations the system will require regular testing to ensure that it continues to provide adequate control of the the exposure of employees to the substance.

An LEV system will typically consist of some form of air intake point such as a capture hood or an enclosure, connected by ductwork to an extraction fan, with the extracted air being either filtered and returned to the workplace atmosphere, or exhausted to the outside of the building.

An LEV test and examination will include a thorough inspection of the system for physical defects, and various measurements of air flows and pressures to evaluate the performance.  The report provided will meet the requirements of the Regulations and will advise of any repairs to the system which are needed to return the system  to its design specification.

Our engineers are all accredited to the new P601 standard through the British Occupational Hygiene Society.  This gives you the assurance you need that all work carried out will meet the requirements of the HSE.